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person's hand holding book page
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The challenge of presenting the gospel is to provide the proper balance of information. At times the message of the gospel can be so simplified that new believers or converts can make an affirmation of faith without grasping the fundamental truths they're claiming to believe.

Conversely, at other times the message can become so detailed and in-depth that prospective believers lose their perspective and aren't clear what must be believed and embraced.

Our solution is a presentation of the Gospel that is rooted in how the Church has understood the Scriptures for over 2000 years. The Complete Gospel is a 48-page booklet that summarizes and states how believers have understood the teachings and doctrines of the Christian Faith. The Bible is the highest and final authority on what is right and true. Because the Bible is inspired by the Holy Spirit it is "profitable for doctrine, correction, reproof, and training in righteousness."

Until new or prospective believers understand the basics of what the Bible teaches and what is to be believed, there's not much value in teaching them more. This is the historic practice of discipleship and often utilizes catechetical training. Learning by repetition until there is understanding.

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Learn about our evangelism campaigns that have reached thousands of people with the message of salvation. Lives are being transformed through the power of the gospel.

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Explore our discipleship programs designed to equip believers with a solid foundation in the historic teachings of the Christian faith. Join us in growing as disciples of Jesus.